Building business and technology solutions that support the very human enterprise of growing and learning.

Trinity Education Group


We create technology that makes it easier for people to learn.

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We identify areas where technology is failing to enhance learning environments, and create accessible solutions.  Our solutions span the K-12 sector, business environment, continuing education community, and more.

We celebrate and encourage life-long learning by constantly developing solutions to make the learning experience more simple. No matter what the subject matter, we believe that people who aspire to be and know more should not be hindered by obnoxious technology. That’s why all of our projects and platforms are designed to be crisp, clean, and easy to use, while delivering rock solid content. Learning is not easy, but we can make it simple.


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Simple is better than complex.

Our internal structure, business model, CoreTech / Gateway solutions, and projects all model this core belief.

Technology should be people focused.

We believe technology exists to enhance human connections. We create easy-to-use technology solutions that remove barriers and bring people together in support of life-long learning.

Do good. Have fun. Make money.

In that order. Most of us at TEG would say our greatest accomplishment to date is that we haven’t made our 3rd priority our 1st (though we’ve been tempted!).


Current Projects

InSync Education
Project Share
Virtual Job Coach

Past Projects


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We are a small group building big things.

We are a unique bunch. With backgrounds in education, technology, literature, design, non-profit management, sales, and much (much) more, the Trinity team is uniquely positioned to create projects and opportunities to engage a diverse community in education through sleek technology and incredible people skills. We are a Maryland-based company founded in 2007 by Hugh Norwood and Clyde Boyer on the wildly inflated assumption that they might be able to make a living doing the work they liked with the people they liked. We’ve been thriving ever since.


Questions? Ideas? Let us know!