Building business and technology solutions that support the very human enterprise of growing and learning.

Trinity Education Group


We create technology that makes it easier for people to learn.

We identify areas where technology is failing to enhance learning environments, and create accessible solutions.  Our solutions span the K-12 sector, business environment, continuing education community, and more.

We celebrate and encourage life-long learning by constantly developing solutions to make the learning experience more simple. No matter what the subject matter, we believe that people who aspire to be and know more should not be hindered by obnoxious technology. That’s why all of our projects and platforms are designed to be crisp, clean, and easy to use, while delivering rock solid content. Learning is not easy, but we can make it simple.


Simple is better than complex.

Our internal structure, business model, CoreTech / Gateway solutions, and projects all model this core belief.

Technology should be people focused.

We believe technology exists to enhance human connections. We create easy-to-use technology solutions that remove barriers and bring people together in support of life-long learning.

Do good. Have fun. Make money.

In that order. Most of us at TEG would say our greatest accomplishment to date is that we haven’t made our 3rd priority our 1st (though we’ve been tempted!).


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We are a small group building big things.

We are a unique bunch. With backgrounds in education, technology, literature, design, non-profit management, sales, and much (much) more, the Trinity team is uniquely positioned to create projects and opportunities to engage a diverse community in education through sleek technology and incredible people skills. We are a Maryland-based company founded in 2007 by Hugh Norwood and Clyde Boyer on the wildly inflated assumption that they might be able to make a living doing the work they liked with the people they liked. We’ve been thriving ever since.

Hugh Norwood

Hugh Norwood

Founder and CEO View Details
Clyde Boyer

Clyde Boyer

Co-Founder and CIO View Details
Christine Case

Christine Case

Partner and COO View Details
Bonnie Nordvedt

Bonnie Nordvedt

Special Projects Coordinator View Details
Becca Freedholm

Becca Freedholm

Program Manager View Details
Brian Suttis

Brian Suttis

Senior Developer View Details
Terri Norwood

Terri Norwood

Office Manager View Details
Lauren Little

Lauren Little

InSync Education CEO View Details
Jason Stambaugh

Jason Stambaugh

Startup Local CEO View Details
Hugh Norwood

Hugh Norwood

Founder and CEO

Hugh backed into his career in marketing and business strategy from his intended career of . . . well, let’s be honest, Hugh never intended to have a “career”. He wanted to be a writer, but he also wanted to eat, dress warmly and keep his marriage intact—all things many writers have trouble with. So after receiving his MFA, he began teaching at Emerson College in Boston, MA. When he needed more money (to support his responsible-married- adult-life addiction) he took on some work in Emerson’s Continuing Education Division, where he quickly became Director of Academic Programs and led the Continuing Ed Division’s revenue growth of 350% in three years.

Seeing as he had become a sell-out, Hugh figured he might as well go make some real money in the real world. Over many years, Hugh worked for a financial services enterprise (aka “bank”), a federal government contract-training company, and Lesley University, where he served as VP of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives until 2005. In those years, he learned many valuable lessons, including:

How a job in “marketing” could become a job in “sales” in less than a day.
How even one whiff of paranoia can take an entire organization’s focus off the customer, and thereby bring every imagined fear to reality.
How working longer hours and e-mailing more people is often mistaken for evidence of talent or results.
How almost everyone really does care about doing a good job, even when they talk like they don’t.
Hugh learned other lessons, including how to develop and execute business strategy, communicate with customers, create meaningful partnerships and acquisitions, lead large teams and improve profitability, blah, blah, blah.
Perhaps most germane to TEG, Lesley University gave Hugh a chance to interact with hundreds if not thousands of K-12 teachers, principals and administrators throughout the U.S. He developed a deep appreciation for the unique challenges of teaching in a public K-12 classroom, while also having a chance to see how best practices in teacher preparation, school leadership and curriculum development could truly transform the learning environment for students.

In 2005, Hugh left Lesley to become the Vice President of Business Development and External Relations for Laureate Education, Inc., former Sylvan Learning Systems, one of the largest world-wide providers of higher education. Later that same year, Hugh and his wife had their first child. After more than 70 round-trip plane rides in only 18 months, Hugh knew that the time had come to make a change in his career so as not to miss the changes in his family (cue Harry Chapin!). With his wife pregnant with their second child, Hugh left Laureate in 2007.

Today, Hugh describes himself as “allergic” to large organizations (to be fair, they are probably allergic to him as well). Through projects like NOTA, iPASOS and Parents K-12, Hugh is more convinced than ever of the potential to disruptively innovate within the K-12 system in order to improve how kids learn. He enjoys working very near his family on a daily basis, having less than 100 e-mails a day, and working in a focused and productive way on Projects-That-Can-No-Will-Change-The-World.

Clyde Boyer

Clyde Boyer

Co-Founder and CIO

Clyde suffers from an acute form of professional attention deficit, otherwise known as iPAD. This is due, primarily, to his love for wildly divergent ideas and fields of studies. First and foremost is his love for his family. After that, and in no particular order – architecture, design, physical computing, art + code, burned cheese, the Marx Brothers, Will Rogers and Leadbelly, play, the future, science books, the smell of solder and fresh dug up soil.

Good luck in trying to detect a pattern. If there is one, it is simply this – Clyde loves to learn and to make things and has a knack for knowing what lies just around the corner.

After several fits and starts, Clyde’s career finally kicked into gear after an interview he gave with the founder of Global Schoolhouse for a cable technology show (think CNET with a quarter of the budget). Halfway through the interview, Clyde had made up his mind. He knew this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He quit his day job teaching design at a local college, quit the TV show and went to work for Global SchoolHouse. Within months, Clyde was building learning communities in Uganda, Ghana and South Africa.

Within several years, he helped develop some of the most influential projects in ed tech including CyberFair, World Links for Development with the World Bank, and ThinkQuest. It was here that Clyde learned what kids could actually accomplish given the right platform, the right tools and the freedom to create. Those principles for collaborative design became the foundation for the “Harnessing the Power of the Web” which he co-authored with Al Rogers and was distributed to over a quarter of a million students worldwide.

The grant money came to an end and the promise of fame and fortune drew Clyde to Silicon Valley. As Vice President of Product Design at ezBoard, Clyde helped grow the online community from 1 million to 7 million members within a year using the same strategies he used working with learning communities in Africa. As Senior Art Director for Lightspan, Clyde helped pioneer the development of educational online games with Sony and Disney. But for all the energy and enthusiasm, expense budgets out of control and business plans written on the back of matchbooks, Clyde grew restless and began to miss the simpler days of working on projects with meaning.

In 2001, as the bubble popped, Clyde headed back to the classroom. Taking all that he had learned as a product designer, tech leader and community builder, Clyde set out to change how students learned online. As VP of Business Architecture at Laureate Education, Clyde was responsible for defining the overall student experience. For six years, Clyde helped reorganize all student-facing agencies around the needs of the students, designed and implemented systems that supported the entire student lifecycle, and helped integrate Universities from around the world into a unified platform. But, once again, Clyde grew restless. In the process of defining enterprise level systems and processes, he felt disconnected from those he set out to serve.

So in 2007, after a conversation with his friend and future business partner, Hugh Norwood, Clyde thankfully said goodbye to the corporate world and set out on a new adventure; one that he believes can help change the way kids learn.

Christine Case

Christine Case

Partner and COO

Christine loves a good challenge. An avid rock climber, Christine constantly seeks to push herself and those around her to new heights. Her desire to ascend the most challenging crags, takes form in both her personal and professional life. Serving as Student Body President in high school and at the University of Colorado, Christine saw an opportunity to make a difference for her fellow peers and their educational journeys. She thrives from finding the crux of a problem, and identifying new routes with the tools available.

Christine earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She then went on to earn her Master of Business Administration in Knowledge and Learning Management from Walden University, Minneapolis.

She started her career working with the Governor of Colorado as the Deputy Director of Boards and Commissions. She soon set her sights on a new horizon and left Colorado to pursue new opportunities in Maryland. Christine worked with Fairfield Residential and Archon Group then joined Laureate Education. Within Laureate Education, Christine worked as Enrollment Advisor, External Sales and Business Development Operations Manager, and Senior Data Analyst. She was responsible for helping grow enrollments, support the operations of the External Sales and Business Development team, and provide detailed views into the organization’s data for making budget and business strategy decisions.

In 2008, Christine joined the adventure known as Trinity Education Group. TEG has given Christine the opportunity to be a part of an amazing group of people working to make a difference in the world of K-12 education. Being involved in all aspects of the business results in a never-ending supply of challenges to conquer. As a mother and a professional, Christine is able to make a difference in her children’s lives and the lives of other children by helping develop, implement, and maintain ongoing TEG projects.

Bonnie Nordvedt

Bonnie Nordvedt

Special Projects Coordinator

Bonnie is an old soul with a nerd’s brain. As a junior in high school, she began tutoring math to struggling students in her high school (and she continues to this day – algebra is so useful!). In college she worked in the Math Lab, helping adult learners and college-aged students alike to find enjoyment in learning again. She also earned her “Major Nerd” stars by becoming Math Student of the Year, something she never lets her family forget.

But it wasn’t her love of math and experience working for her college that has most directed Bonnie’s career. As a junior at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore, she became increasingly frustrated with the economic disparity she saw every day. At age 21 she became Director of the Baltimore Free Store, an all volunteer-run organization working to promote reuse and alleviate poverty through mutual cooperation. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, putting what she learned to immediate use helping to reorganize the struggling non-profit and bring it back from the brink of extinction.

Her love of all things “organized” (she has an affinity for paperclips and white boards) led her to help manage a health care office upon graduation, as she continued to build the Free Store. Soon thereafter, she realized that in order to make the difference she wanted to make in the world, she would need to continue her own education. She then earned her Masters in Sustainable Business Administration (“Green” MBA) through the distance learning program at Anaheim University. In 2012 Bonnie joined the Trinity team, ready to find new areas to help people connect, grow, and find enjoyment in learning!

Becca Freedholm

Becca Freedholm

Program Manager

Becca loves doing good work for causes she believes in. Through her work with nonprofit organizations, education agencies, and now TEG, Becca has always focused on advancing programs geared towards making a difference.

Becca received her B.A. in English from Kenyon College and decided to enter the nonprofit realm upon graduating. She started her career at the Women’s Campaign Fund, where she led one of the organization’s grant-funded programs. After relocating to Austin, TX, she served as the interim Director of Operations at Breakthrough Austin, an organization that provides a path to college for low-income students who will be first-generation college graduates. As she developed a deeper understanding of the challenges present in K-12 education, Becca became interested in finding innovative ways to improve how kids learn. In 2012, she joined the Texas Education Agency, where she worked to expand online learning opportunities for teachers and students.

Becca joined TEG in 2014 for the opportunity to develop and grow innovative educational programs and services. She gets to work on projects she cares about, and loves collaborating with educational leaders and organizations trying to produce meaningful change through creative, responsive solutions.

When she’s not working on one of TEG’s programs, Becca enjoys diving into Austin’s live music scene and helping her mini poodle, Lil, become the next big internet celebrity (move over, Grumpy Cat!).

Brian Suttis

Brian Suttis

Senior Developer

Brian started working with Trinity as a Drupal developer in 2011 when development on Parents K-12 began. Since then, he has contributed thousands of lines of code to InSync (formerly Parents K-12), Project Share, and Virtual Job Coach, all the while consuming thousands of cups of tea. No coffee for this guy.

He didn’t have his first computer until the age of 12 but made up for lost time by creating his first web “page” at 14. It was none other than a tribute to The Simpsons. For those curious enough, it is still accessible to this day.

Through years of learning and (only) a few instances of yelling furiously at his inanimate computing machines, his knowledge has grown and now he works on cool new features for Trinity’s products. He still yells sometimes.

When not in front of screens, Brian likes to go outside and explore the beautiful and eclectic parts of his home, Vancouver, Canada.

Terri Norwood

Terri Norwood

Office Manager

Terri earned her B.A. in French Literature and Education. Why, you ask? “Why not?” is her reply (usually in English). Due to the fact that her husband was a lay-about graduate student when they first married (he has since recovered nicely), Terri laid aside her Baudelaire and picked up her business suits, beginning a 15-year career in the financial services industry. From branch manager to Director of Retail Operations to Corporate Compliance Manager, Terri gained increasing scopes of responsibility and specialization in interstate banking and federal compliance. So much responsibility and specialization that one day she looked around her and thought, “what on earth am I doing working for a bank?” These days Terri can be found relishing in her second, much loved career as a Mom and part-time Office Administrator. In her spare time, she likes to bird watch and read—what else—science fiction. Pouvez-vous croire?

Lauren Little

Lauren Little

InSync Education CEO

Lauren began her career in sales after graduating from the University of New Hampshire with degrees in Health and Education. She did well selling payroll and business solutions, constantly winning trips and Presidents Clubs, but felt something was missing. Soon after marrying her college sweetheart, Lauren and her husband moved to Jacksonville Florida in search of new adventures, some sun and a career change.

Lauren found that adventure and much more when she began her new career at a small but growing Ed-Tech Company. This start-up led Lauren to meet with thousands of school districts across the country and ultimately lead a national sales team and company to explosive growth and acquisition. In her role as Senior Vice President for Educational Tools (ETI), she both developed and delivered game-changing customized digital learning tools for the classroom. Under Lauren’s sales leadership, ETI grew from a small technology start-up to a leader in the K12 space in just a few short years. In 2010 Triumph Learning acquired ETI and appointed Lauren as their Vice President of Digital sales to help lead their digital strategy and overall growth efforts.

After countless weekly flights and earning elite status on nearly every airline, Lauren decided it was time to make a change. In 2012 she left Triumph Learning to become the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Six Red Marbles, the largest US based development house for learning materials. Here she acquired numerous new clients and led their strategic partnerships including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Microsoft and The Gates Foundation.

Today, Lauren resides in the Boston area with her husband and baby girl and is thrilled to be the new CEO for InSync Education. She has found that missing piece, having a passion for what she does and making a small difference in peoples lives. InSync Education’s ambitions are to join teachers, parents and the community in a collaboration to support the academic success of our children. Lauren shares the companies belief that there is no work greater, and no stakes higher, than the preparation of the next generation. Lauren has found a whole new meaning to work-life balance and having an unbelievable spouse and daughter by her side definitely helps.

Jason Stambaugh

Jason Stambaugh

Startup Local CEO

Jason Stambaugh is a husband, father, former fat kid, accidental techie, entrepreneur and founder of Wevival. He graduated summa cum laude from McDaniel College in 2007 with little clue to what his future would hold. His first gig was with International Financial Services Inc. (IFS) selling an innovative web application to the nation’s largest retailers and banks. He worked closely with companies like Bank of America, Wells fargo, US Bank, T-Mobile, Nordstrom, Polo Ralph Lauren, Follett Corporation, and Duane Reade. During his tenure, he increased sales of the DTS web application ten-fold and formed meaningful relationships with prospects that continue to bear fruit for the company. His experience there was formative in his understanding of sales, marketing, and online marketing strategy.

While working at IFS, Jason made the most of his “other eight hours”. He used his free time after work to explore his growing interest in social media and web marketing. The rapid changes taking place online promised to be a game-changer, opening up new ways to communicate and do business. It was during these hours, learning and developing new skills, he laid the foundation for Wevival. After three years with IFS, his passion to start his own business reached critical mass. He founded Wevival LLC in the summer of 2009, and left IFS in the summer of 2010 to build and grow Wevival under a partnership with Trinity Education Group (TEG).

He has never looked back. Everyday he gets to do what he loves and for that he is grateful. His favorite thing about Wevival is that he gets to help businesses and organizations grow. Over the last few years he has had the opportunity to work with some amazing people to help them do more good work with more people. When he isn’t working with customers or one of his own projects, you will find him reading, learning to code (Ruby and Java), hanging with is wife and son, hobby farming, or exercising.


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